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You were made to have a wildly fulfilling and purpose-led life, giving you the power to make a positive impact in your life and on YOUR world.

You already have EVERYTHING you need to
live the life you were made for.

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Until now, you’ve been looking for the map, the guide to give you direction, and a proven path to make it happen. Not just a piece here and there, but from the start all the way to the full realization of living your extraordinary life. And to prove to you that it’s possible for YOU. I know how it feels when yearning for the life you want gnaws away at your insides. It feels overwhelming, terrifying, and even hopeless sometimes. But that’s all going to change… 


What I experienced, and what people I work with discover, is that finding YOUNESS, building belief, removing barriers, and taking ownership of your power is the way to move your dreams into reality. Doing that through a deeply insightful step-by-step process allows you to live the life you were meant for, now.

  • I’ve climbed the corporate ladder to become a Fortune 500 Executive. 

  • I’ve made a career of telling other people’s stories.

  • I’ve quit a job that sucked all the joy out of my days, with no backup plan. 

  • I’ve created skills and micro-enterprise programs for underserved women. (Helping 100 Rwandan women become independent earners)

  • I’ve helped shape the futures of rising leaders. (Ask me about Amanda)

  • I’ve reached for my stars and grabbed them. (I am loving my life)

  • I’ve helped others grab their stars. (I want to do the same with you)

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Moments of Greatness

What I know is that there is greatness in each and every moment. I found it in a zig-zag, zag-zig way throughout my life. It's what drove me to create this program for everyone who's thought, “if only.” My goal is to get you to greatness faster, experience more fulfillment, and make a positive impact on the world. 


Every step of the Unleash Extraordinary 3-phase program is designed to support and guide you to the extraordinary life you were made for. Yours is waiting. And there’s nothing stopping you.

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Your Path

There is magic in how you follow the path. I learned that you can’t fully realize what you want in life without following these steps. 


And listen, I know we all get excited, and we want to skip to the end. BUT, that’s where we’re going wrong. The magic in your path is about experiencing the journey from A—Z. Only then do you gain the full clarity, confidence, process, tools, and ability to completely own your future. 

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This 3-phase online course guides you on your personal journey to unleash your extraordinary self, transform your life, and shape the impact that you make on the world.

Phase 1: The YOUNESS Equation

  • Crash Course in You: Get to know and understand yourself on a deep level.

  • Power of You: Uncover your gifts, passions, and superpower.

  • The Y of You: Identify your uniqueness, values, and impact.

  • An Extraordinary Life: Design your vision; who you want to be; and what will get you there.

Phase 2: Be Your Own Hero

  • Superhero Study: Discover what your superpower reveals about you and what perspective it gives you on your vision.

  • Harness Your Power: Activate your power over your mind, body, spirit; discover what’s possible; and what does and doesn’t support you.

  • Believe in Possible: Move from knowing to believing; putting possible into practice; and building belief practices.

  • Meet Your Evil Twin: Reveal your blockers, what triggers them, how they impact you, and how to manage them when they arise.

  • Own Your Mindset: Understand the science of mindset, how to control your mindset, and practices to use every day.

  • Transform You: Know how to be your own hero and who you have always been meant to be.

Phase 3: Move Your Dream into Reality

  • Get Over Your Daydreams: Identify the lottery, lack, and longing mindset; learn how deal with it and remove it.

  • Unreasonable Expectations: Embrace your thoughts and dreams with no judgment; take your vision seriously; and set extraordinary expectations.

  • Crystal Clear: Clarify your purpose and impact; set your compass in the right direction; commit to your big goal.

  • Milestone Moments: Map out your journey with goals and timeline setting.

  • Get Your Steps In: Stay focused on your vision every day; recommit; affirm and be accountable.

  • Lock in Your GPS: Set your destination; refuel emotionally, intellectually, inspirationally; make a plan for detours; and make it happen.

My Story

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I am so excited for you to discover what makes you awesome, what YOU want, and the path designed for only you that will take you to your legacy. There have been lots of doubts and fears jumping in your path to extraordinary, but that’s completely normal. I’ve been there. 

This course is putting you on YOUR path, putting real actions and understanding into your journey, and giving you all the tools to get to YOUR most extraordinary future. 


My desire is that you will fully embrace this amazing life you were made for – knowing that you have the power and the ability to live an extraordinary life making change in the world. 

When I was in my twenties, I had big dreams.  But, they were hard to see because they were so big.  I didn't know how or where to start. I kept waiting for an opportunity to come to me … and kept thinking it would just reveal itself "later."  

I realized that if I could create a vision for myself, I could choose where to step forward. So I started to take action, explored my vision, and kept stepping into my dreams and passions. It led me to so many incredible opportunities and experiences. Then, I started helping others do the same. I’ve moved my dreams into reality many times in my life and continued to unearth my purpose. Now, all of that has led me here: helping you get a clearer and more direct path to your dreams and your purpose. And I love every second of it!

Find out how your life will change when you unleash your extraordinary.

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